Monday, June 16, 2008


During the Spring, one lovely George Browne took it upon himself to make a short film documentary about the four Nightshades finishing up another year and their final collections in Ryerson University's Fashion Design Program; Niamh McManus, Irene Stickney, Cat Essiambre & Meaghan Orlinski. The documentary discusses the need for sustainability in the fashion industry and the post secondary school system, as well as the joys of being in a bike gang. Of which there are plenty. Clearly.

An abridged version of Browne's film "A Night Out With The Deadly Nightshades" is being screened during Toronto's Bike Film Festival. The film plays at the Royal Theatre (608 College St. West) this coming Friday June 20th. The Nightshades Film Fest After Party and full screening of the doc will be held at Charlie's Gallery later that night, beginning at 10:30. Be there. It will make up this happy...

And since it's Bike Fest in Toronto, and we plan on taking the city by storm. So keep your eyes peeled for those matching seafoam jackets.

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There is the link to the Bike Film Festival website! Check it out the rad people who are hosting our film...