Saturday, August 2, 2008

4th year notebook sketches

Hello lovelies!

As we all know moving is a bitch. But one of the charming things about it is goin through all your old stuff and getting sentimental. Even though it was only a few months ago, my memories of fourth year at Ryerson are dim (defense mechanism). But as I was sifting through all my crap I found some of notebooks from the year, and decided to commit them to digital.

I found three drawings which completely sum up my feelings on fashion. Actually it's more two individuals who sum it up. One, Valerie Steel, is basically my hero. She's super intelligent and sassy and looks at fashion in culture with a critical yet fond eye.

The other, who will remain nameless, is a catty, immature jerk. Insert rant here, I've just done it too many times already it's gotten boring. The pictures can speak for themselves....