Wednesday, September 17, 2008


i have recently moved into an apartment on queen west about a month ago. moving further west from queen and spadina i felt a lot safer locking my bike outside because bikes werent exchanged for crack as frequently. though i already did spend quite a bit of time chanelling the minds of cracked out bike thiefs with my telepathic abilities when decorating it. i used left over paint from my kitchen table to disporportionally smear over any sign of a brand name to make it appear less sellable.

anyways, a couple of weeks ago i went to meet my mom for coffee downstairs from me, only to find construction workers to have dug a hole AROUND the post my bike was locked to, creating an island. i didn't mind and thought it was sort of funny, until the man in the hole started cat calling me, infront of my mom. have you ever been harassed by a man in a hole? when his head is below your feet? its become clear to me now that i should have used his head as a step to get to the other side, maybe next time.

a couple of days ago on my way to work, i went to retrieve my bike downstairs, and the one post it was locked to had been dug out, and it as well as my bike were just leaning against some store. but again, i thought it was funny, and harmless seeing as how it would have been impossible to steal it. so last night i made sure to lock my bike a block further from my apartment to avoid any more of these situations. already late for work tonight i went to find my bike but it was missing. a couple blocks later i found it, with another bike, completely unlocked and leaning against some building right on queen. they (the construction workers) broke our locks and left them there all day. i am so surprised nobody stole them, especially the one next to mine that was much more valuable. anyways, so i had to carry my bike into work and leave it beside me, then carry it up the stories of my apartment building. tomorow morning i hope to be reimbursed the money for what was a brand new bike lock. i'm really aggravated because they are treating my bike as though it is a burden to the city, expecting me to pick up after the mess they've left, and dismissing the fact that i am a resident here and it's parked directly outside of my home. i am grateful that i still have my bike, and i was planning on buying one from a friend in the next couple of days anyways. but i feel like after being tramatized from the man in the hole, they would have given me a break.


BIG RED said...

uh.... fuck LIFE!! - at least you till have your bike!

ragspank said...

You know those funny notices that no one notices in the newspapers indicating when and where there will be construction? Yeah those. They relieve the city of any and all responsibility if your bike did get stolen. Nice huh?

jesi said...

ya, according to the luigi, the construction worker, the city told them that they could just leave a notice in the mailboxes on the block. but they forgot that above every store is an average of five homes. no one got a letter about it, what they should have done is tape them to the poles we were locked to, at least. i bought a new lock and gave him the receipt. he gave me my whole 35.60 back but i had to fill out a form with my information and he said i will be getting a phone call from the city.

jesi said...

by the way, i just looked at your blog, your pictures are beautiful.

naamers said...

i'm so glad you got the city to give you monies!