Saturday, September 13, 2008

How did I not know about the fabulousness?

After waiting in lines to wait in lines at the tents to see TiBi, I was pleasantly surprised to be handed a Cuervo Gold concoction at the Hessnature and Miguel Androver exhibit in the west village. I was also pleased to see art and fashion together again.

It's been said that Hessnatur has been trying to escape it's 'enviro-J.Crew' status and push the design envelope. Who better to collaborate with then the award winning, avant-guard designer, Miguel Androver.

As the World evolves into deeper chaos, pushing the green movement can get quite tiresome. Towering carved wood, draped in felted, braided, woven and embroidered organics reminds us that the same art is applicable and that life isn't total destruction.

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naamers said...

these are life size? that is awesome!