Monday, September 15, 2008

New York City, Day 1 (Part 1- Chelsea)

To fashion people, taking a trip to see New York Fashion Week is basically like taking a trip to Mecca for muslim people and a big must for any fashion worshipper. Extra "go to heaven" bonus points if you touch Anna Wintour. (Actually, I’m thinking I might start my own religion where we actually worship Diane Pernet...) The Deadly Nightshades made the holy pilgrimage this year, and it was the most hilarious escapade the DNS have ever ventured out on. We snuck into fashion shows, stole copious amounts of vodka from fancy nightclubs, (these might actually be the first of our ten commandments...) met fashion bloggers from all over and even bumped into Uma Thurman!!!

I'll spare you the details of actually getting to New York, since I don't particularly want to relive the eight hours I spend in the back seat stuck to Pattie Milkshake... OR the part of the trip where I realized I’d forgotten to pack socks... But I will tell you about our amazing first day in New York...

First, we hit up Chelsea - which, if you haven't been - is the most mutherfucking awesome gallery district on the planet. On Thursdays it's as busy as a nightclub only everyone is there to see art instead of dancing to bad techno AND there is pretty much unlimited free booze in every single gallery. There was a really fantastic show by Allison Schulnik at Mike Weiss where she had a claymation video of her hobo clown paintings coming to life that would probably give you nightmares for life if you watched it on shrooms. For the record, Mike Weiss is the only gallery in Chelsea where artists can submit work instead of being invited to do a show. After that, we booked it over to The Hammerstein to catch Phil Sparks at the Fresh Faces show, which is organized by Gen Art, an organization that promotes up and coming designers, film makers and artists.

In case you didn’t know, the Deadly Nightshades LOVE Phil and not just for his perennially smoking hot male models... Phil is Toronto-based, and still manufactures much of his clothing in Canada. His clothes are the definition of “So Fresh and So Clean", and he just might be the next big “It” designer out of Toronto (think Paul Smith meets CK for men).

We were all supposed to be on the guest list at his show, but the so-called “VIP” line up was a mile long - and we didn’t have time to wait and find out if we were actually on it! So up we walked to the media entrance. I told them I worked for the Times and we were in a big hurry... Amazingly, it actually worked and we walked right past the security! YES! Commandment one, check!

Deadly Nightshades = 1 New York = 0

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