Wednesday, October 8, 2008


So, one month ago I made a pact with a friend of mine, not to buy new clothes for one year, unless they are:
a)eco friendly & fair trade
b)second hand, or
c)made by me (attempting to follow the above two stipulations)

While this is stuff I try and do anyhow, it's nice to have someone else holding me accountable. And gets to be tricky when cute new fall clothes are popping up all about. Thus, in an attempt to distract, I have begun to design a new snowboarding jacket for myself. My old one is circa the late 90's, and is ripped in too many places to remain socially acceptable, let alone waterproof.

So far, I've been doing alright figuring out recylced fabrics to use, but I was getting stumped regarding batting for the inside of the jacket....UNTIL i discovered (visiting Texas of all places) BAMBOO BATTING! Made by Fairfield, it's 50% bamboo & 50% organic cotton, AND a portion of their proceeds go towards ecological & environmental initiatives. Go team.

I suppose selling bamboo batting in Dallas, is a half hearted (although appreciated) attempt to make up for every second car being an Escalade, no public transit, no bike lanes (sidewalks?)... and well.... this:


BIG RED said...

ahahaha... PALIN POWER! 'What if' eh?

oh! and you got any extra batting? AMAZING!!!

~MegO! said...

Dear GOD.

naamers said...

i can't believe that you didn't buy me one. How can i publicly display my hockey mom aliegence now? How??