Sunday, October 26, 2008

the best and worst of toronto's nuit blanche....

...from the perspective of living halfway across the country, and looking at other peoples pictures on facebook. Which,I am fully aware, is an unfair way of judging the events, but i'm just going to roll with it. Big thanks to Wendy Ng for giving me no permission to use her lovely pictures (other than a non-private profile setting). Cheers!

Best Number 1 goes to this little knit piece of love, who fanatastisimalness has forced me to actually post a blog after a long hiatus.

Best Number 2 : giant snowman. I like this one because I get to make up the whole story. "My inspiration was the inevitability of the change of seasons juxtaposed with comodification of religious holidays" blah blah blah...GIANT SNOWMAN IN OCTOBER!!!!

Worst: ekk garr... performance artist take themselves way to seriously.

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~MegO! said...

They do take themselves to seriously. Possibly even more than fashion people, which is a frightening concept.