Friday, October 24, 2008

Fahion week in short...

Alright... here's my wrap up for the fashionable fashion week!

Day 1:

Catya Revanko
from Desperatly Different is fucking amazing! Her modern boho made me almost want to give up the rocker-chic that is me... until it meant i had to give up black and zebra. But i do suggest it for all who love being covered in silky smooth and stretchy jerseys!

amazing photos from Visualbass Photography

Meg and I had quite a night at her after party! Which aslo happened to be TFI's fashionable way to get the world ready for fashion week!


To much Vodka leads to our own afterparties full of 'dancing' hehe. ( don't worry Meg Oh! I'll never tell how this night ended ;)

We weren't the only ones who had to ended the night in a blur... Ms. Robin Kay put on quite a show right before the Mango Show. Lets be honest, who hasn't been a little over-zealous while giving a speech in front of a photo-pit and rows of media. (oops!) Thank goodness that 'good friend' dragged her off the stage, or was it the presedent of Mango? The show must go on!

DAY 2:

Phil and I played hookie from the studio and 'tented it up'. It wasn't easy getting past security even though I had a Philip Sparks on my arm, but once a lost and found media pass came to me (like a moth to a flame) my world was opened up to free mini quiches and Halloween candy! Yeah!

- Pretty, really nothing new... too many flowy dresses make me nauseous.
amazing photos from Visualbass Photography

Beautiful and well presented, but not really my steeze (Congrats Michelle!)

amazing photos from Visualbass Photography

Anyone know how to make plaid-ish tie dye?

Innovative fabrics and folds.

amazing photos from Visualbass Photography


I think i tried to miss this one, and still saw it?

amazing photos from Visualbass Photography

Great job, great to see some real inspiration this year David!

amazing photos from Visualbass Photography

Wow. what a day!

Day 3;

Back to some real work, until...


thank you, pic from Joseph Fuda

EVAN BIDDELL's after party at the Burrow's Building

thank you, pic from Joseph Fuda

By the pics I'm sure you can see it was an intsensly drunken night...

thank you, pic from Joseph Fuda

Day 4:

Showed up late for work... but i wasn't the only one...
HANGOVER CENTAL- No public appearances today.

Day 5:

Isn't that today? Better find something to do!!!

ps... found this adorable puppy in the studio.

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naamers said...

Good recap! I feel like I was there...