Sunday, November 2, 2008

Lagerfeld Lady

Last weekend I was unfortunately down for the count with the Fashion Flu that seemed to originate from Evan Biddell's after-party. On Monday I missed an event I was really looking forward to, which was the video launch for Fritz Helder's new video, Lagerfeld Lady. Karl Lagerfeld is one of our fashion heroes, and I am so sad that I missed a great looking party...

Here it is for you to love. Their first single, Making a Scene, is a Nightshade theme song...

On that note, my frist fray into fashion parties involved this group. I was fresh on the scene, 1st year fashion school, volunteering for Vintage 69's opening party at the Social. They put me in a gorgeous vintage fur coat and glossy red MAC lipstick, and I got to do guest list. Fuckin'-eh... the POWER. Half-way through the night Fritz jumped out of a trunk and the group danced and sang on top of the bar. I was stunned. I was in love. I still am.

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