Monday, January 12, 2009

Linda Varekamp - Bike Quilter Extrordinaire

Linda Varekamp is my new hero. Not just because she is the awesome new knitting teacher where I work at 69 Vintage, but because she makes patchwork quilts of bicycles. QUILTS OF FUCKING BICYCLES!!! Did you ever see anything as magnificent in your entire life??? No. You never fucking have and you never will. That is why Linda is amazing. She can also crochet small animals and I defy you to find me anything cuter than crocheted weiner dog. Anyways, her bike quilt is on display this week at Metro Hall. You can go vote for her if you are near there. There will be a reception where they announce the winners on Thursday night, check it out here.

She will be teaching a class on how to knit a cell phone cozy at 69 Vintage Buy the Pound (1234 Bloor W) on January 29th, and a crocheted cupcake class the Thursday after that!!! Please join the facebook group here if you'd like to sign up!!!

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Lisa said...

You're right, Linda rocks!