Sunday, February 15, 2009

Back on the Ol' Inter-crack!!!

These are from a rad photoshoot that Nam and Mzungu and I did a couple of years ago in an abandoned meat locker in Kensington. It was totally impromptu and turned out about a million times better than we thought it would. I love the creepy rust stains on the wall behind them, and the reflection of the flash on the metal siding.

I made the jackets and bustles from these weird old victorian patterns. They had really exaggerated proportions - huge mutton sleeves that actually curved about 60 degrees at the elbow so you had to always keep your arm bent in them, and tiny, tiny waists of course. Then I painted them with black house paint, which made the cheap cotton I was working with get alot harder when it dried. It was too hard to sew with so I sanded them down until they were soft like suede, and sewed all over the holes with gold thread. The tire tracks on the back were from an actual tire that I ran over the jacket with, and the other one had embroidered golden guns on the back.

I love these pics.


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carrie is my number one unstable stalker please please ignore her please thank you

naamers said...

I think of this project of you at your prime of mad geniousness, or maybe that was the wool spinning, dye making phase.... toss up. I'm glad the you've resurrected these photos. Improptu is often golden.

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also. can you even believe that this is where blue banana is now?