Monday, February 2, 2009

Raymi and Sass

Okay. So I know this isn't Deadly Nightshades related but this DOES fall under the category of AWESOME so I figure it's legit enough. These two girls came into my store on Saturday and bought up pretty much the whole store so I obviously liked them - but I REALLY liked them when they told me their names were Raymi and Sass. Seriously. RAYMI and SASS. That puts like, every other name on the planet to shame. Add to that the fact that they picked out my very favorite cream-dream-green maxi dress AND the acid-plaid number and I was pretty much in love...

Anyways, Raymi has this awesome blog that she's kept since the beginning of the internet (since 2000 or something like that. Basically forever.) and she posted a tonne of Blog Love and pics of her and Sass at the store on it, which I appreciated so much that I have stolen them and posted them here...

She keeps a photo diary of her life, which is pretty uncensored/hilariously honest (I actually liked reading the older "pre-digital camera" entries more) and she's won like, a million 'Best Blog' awards. And as an aside, she kind of reminded me of a younger Tatum O'Neal. Go figure.

Anyways, go check it out and appreciate the awesomeness.
Thanks Raymi, you rule!!!

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raymi lauren said...

i will join your bicycle gang wearing my tickle trunk outfits.

sass has a blog too zucket.com