Friday, March 13, 2009

blursday evening

so last night phil sparks had a very awesome show in the burroughs building. Peter & the Wolf. it was very woodsy kind of sweet tailored, very nice. we didn't get the best pictures. in due time, i'm sure you'll be able to find great pictures here.


i like this jacket: big high five goes to the one who brings it to me as a dowery.

then, frank & i headed to the augusta house for the Velosocial! it was yes. there were vendors selling t's, buttons, bags.. etc. , open mic, djs. friends. messengers. : ) it happens on the second thursday of every month. check it out!

gang signs.

i met this rad chick, sunny d who is amazing. she organized the event. you can probably find her on facebook!?

photos by frank! ♥♥♥


Wipt said...
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Wipt said...

You can find Sunny and the rest of the crew on facebook, indeed. You'll find related groups Velosocial, WIPT, Krypt Keeperz, and Bomb Proof Bikes.

I was one of the vendors, caught the jacket out of the corner of my eye, real nice. Inspiring even.

check out www.wiptclothing.blogspot.com

Peace out

~MegO! said...

The Velosocial rocks! We are going together next time Milky P. xoxo