Monday, March 9, 2009

First Ride of 2009!!!

We helped Kirsten aka Snow White with her video shoot for toronto based band Gravity Wave, last week. It was -23 degrees outside and I was wearing my orange tights with black denim shorts over top and my seafoam DNS jacket - which was cold enough to make me do serious freestyle aerobics in the middle of the street to keep my blood from freezing. You know how I love aerobics.

We had a great time. Kirsten filmed us with a marching band, rythmic gymnasts, tonnes of extras and some lost tobogganers all parading up Brunswick together while we biked in and out of the crowd. But most of all, we were so happy to be together on our bikes again!!! It's been so long and I'm so sick of wasting all of my money on the subway. I can't wait until I can start biking to work every morning. Laura's cruiser, Good Vibrations and my little folding bike, Lady in Red were in good shape - but Big Red's ride - Little Red - has a squeaky chain and it needs some grease or CLR or something.

Kirsten was a great director and kept everyone excited over her walkie talkie - and very organized while we biked around freezing our toes off.

Many thanks to John Lee, who took all these photos AND lent me his gloves while we were shooting. Over.

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naamers said...

you guys are so freakin cute!