Saturday, March 21, 2009

Nightshades in NOW!!!

Happiness, we're NOW's My Five this week!!! Rad. Sure, there's seven of us, plus Niamh on a stick, but there were only five stores so whatever. No one tells us what to do. The shoot for this was hilarious. I had been up the whole night sewing the hemp silk jacket, and was totally delirious while David was shooting us. I think he had to yell at me to stop making "Fierce Bambi" faces at one point cause I'm incapable of having my photo taken normally. He was really cool and even gave us some of his mothers old jewelery which Meg and I wear all the time now, and made everyone feel really comfortable even though we were all exhausted. ALSO - Can we just make a point of recognizing the fact that Andrew was the FIRST ONE to use the term "Eco-fabulous"??? Because it's gonna explode this year...

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