Thursday, April 23, 2009

Bike Gang Instruction Manual: Lesson #247 - Curing a Hangover

So F.A.T was totally, totally out of control last night. Seriously. There were trapeze artists and actual dancing polar bears. We got a tonne of love from friends and family who showed up to support us and we felt so lucky to be a part of such an awesome event. And to top it all off - Mill Street Organic Beer sponsored our afterparty, hence the title of this post. So in honour of our awesome new sponsors, we'd like to share some bike gang secrets with you on the fine art of curing a hangover:

1. Bacon. Sure, everyone knows that grease tastes good after a night out, but did you know that it's a scientific FACT that bacon helps a hangover??? Go read all about it here

2. Hair Metal. It's also scientifically proven that listening to hair metal after a bender can help a hangover. Guns and Roses are especially full of amino acids that help your brain build new neurotransmitters that were lost the night before.

3. Drink a Cesar. Sure, you could drink water and rehydrate yourself but this is much better for you since there's so many vegetables in a Cesar! Ask water how many vitamins it has in it. If it could talk, it would say zero. That's right. Zero vitamins. Pfft. Water is SO over-rated.

4. Advil. Take two before you go to bed - once you wake up, it's too late. All of your braincells are probably dead anyways.

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Karinny said...

You guys have the word's best collective hair dos