Tuesday, April 7, 2009


If i were to name one semi predictable thing about the nightshades, OTHER than our collective love of bikes, art, & the environment... it might just be our intense adoration for cake!

example a:

example b:

example c:

example d: irene's last post...obviously.

This love is probably the only good reason, my roommate and I spent and embarrassingly long time tonight, dying over the archives of an amazing blog... dedicated solely to cake wrecks! Or maybe it's just because today has been an exceptionally long day. Either way, the further back you go, the better the posts (More-disaster-less-ace-of-cakes).

This is the one that sold it for me..... the actual 10th anniversary cake for P Diddy's record label. Otherwise known as my newest re-occurring nightmare:

my birthday IS coming up again.... just sayin.


Irene said...

hahaha.... omg it's true!!! We DO love cake!

naamers said...

really i only like FANCY cake, special occation cake, notable cake. P diddy's def falls into this category.