Thursday, April 30, 2009

Dandyhorse - Sophmore Launch Party at the Amsterdam Brewery

After the trunk show was over... we got to have some fun!!! Yay! Pattie, Meg and I all biked down to the Amsterdam Brewery to celebrate the new issue of Dandyhorse being published. We decided to grab some Nightshades gear at the last minute. It's kind of weird but awesome to feel like I'm in a totally colour co-ordinated photoshoot even when I'm just drinking some beers.

Sunny D and Frank-Shade started dancing up a storm and then they raced on the stationary bikes. They had them hooked up to a laptop with a timer and a projecter so you could watch who was biking faster. Frank won cause he's so fit. Sunny was still in good spirits afterwards.

Then Pattie and I raced. Pattie had a big advantage because of her aerodynamic racing suit, whereas my hood kept catching the wind. Pattie won, but everyone knew it wasn't a fair race.
Anyways, I'm gonna go and lie down and read my new issue of Dandyhorse! You can pick them up at most bike stores around the city but go here for more info.

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