Saturday, April 18, 2009

Earth Day Issue Love

Both the NOW Magazine and EYE Weekly thought we were shout-out worthy, and have mentioned us in their own blurbs about Toronto Alternative Fashion Week.


I encourage you to pick up both issues, not only to see a sneak-peak of our collection and notice how amazing Deadly Nightshades looks like when it's highlighted in black, but to read some really rad and relevant articles about earth week. (Although since the earth is rad enough to support life 365 days a year, we should honor it more than a week.)

Some of my favorites for are Praise a Glass, because it's about alcohol. Reading Between the Labels is a great guide to the little images on the products you should buy.

From the EYE, make sure you read: Meat Matters deals with the often touchy subject of meat and it's environmental impact. Don't want to give up meat? No problem, just make sure you eat less of it. (But they left out some other possible benefits of a veggie lifestyle.) Toxic Undercover tackles the crap that is in your beauty products, but how can you call something that has Formaldehyde in it a beauty product? I think it's shameful that the government allows these companies to sell the public this crap. However, it it the general public's responsibility to inform and protect themselves.

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