Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Everybody say "Andrea Crews"!!

So we all have those moments when we see something or hear something and we just have to find out more. But so often those things that grab you start to look a bit flat the more you google. THIS IS NOT WHAT HAPPENED WHEN I STARTED LOOKING INTO ANDREA CREWS.

I found all this remade craziness the other day, and you know how remade gets me all worked up, so clearly I was pumped.

It turns out that Andrea Crews is a performance art crew / fashion collective/ studio-store-art space / garbage activists / completely amazing. They are from france (of course) and their mission is to revalue disgarded clothes into innovative fashion statements, with the higher intention of giving ethical alternatives to the fashion industries inherent wastefullness. They often show collections by making outragious videos, and are active in the international art scene.

One of their resent shows had around 25 'models' playing musical chairs while another lay face down in the middle of the circle!!!!!

Here is how they describe themselves : "it touches everything, fashion, art, music, likes partying and gets wet without complex." Franglais. Delicious.

I think I'm in love.




naamers said...

god. So i know that i'm commenting on my own blog, but holy shit their amazingness is making me feel like a might explode!!!

Irene said...

fashion performance art??? I'm freaking out a little bit right now... this is so cool...

Meg said...