Sunday, June 14, 2009

2nd Annual Eco-Savvy Festival

The second annual EcoSavvy Festival will be up and running next weekend from the 19th to the 21st! It's put on by two very rad people Mihee and Tommy who I had the chance to get to know while I worked at Green Is Black.

It's a great family event, and if you don't know Mel Lastman Square, it's a great chance to go. I never really liked that bad boy, but he did make a great and beautiful public space. I lived across from it when I was in my first year of Ryerson, and every Thursday they would have a farmer's market in the morning. It was a great place to get cheap and uber fresh vegtables.

I digress.... back to the rad festival... there is going to be film screenings, live performances, events for kids, cooking classes, a food drive, scavenger hunt, and a Fashion Show on Saturday at 7 featuring Me to We Style, Vintage 69 and Green is Black! Make sure you check it out, it's worth the trip!

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