Saturday, June 6, 2009


"Nightshade" from the 90's cartoon C.O.P.S


Nightshade is a cat burglar, who slips in quietly into whatever place she finds of interest, steals a certain item (mainly jewelry), and quickly slips away undetected. At her job, she is seen in her brown and yellow stunt uniform with her tool belt wrapped around her waist. The belt contains all of the tools needed to help her during her latest heist. She also has long, red hair, wears blue eye makeup, and large gold triangular earrings. At other times, she has dressed up in a blue jacket worn with a purple, casual dress underneath. Sometimes Nightshade would put on a disguise that helps her and Big Boss carry out their criminal plans without being detected by even the C.O.P.S. team themselves. Nightshade is greedy and would sometimes argue with Big Boss over whether or not she is either promoted or going to get a raise. She sometimes expresses her disgruntlement of working for a selfish crimeboss. Imitating Big Boss in her own words, "I want this, I want that! Someday I'm gonna tell Big Boss off!" Despite this, Nightshade is perhaps the most reliable, significant criminal in the series and one of the few who seems reasonably intelligent.

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naamers said...

ahhhhhhhhh!!! so great! i used to watch that show far too often, and little did i know, as a five year old, that it was actually telling the story of my future... well hindsight is 20/20... thanks for sharing cat!