Thursday, July 9, 2009

Magic Midnight Bike Ride...

What are you doing tomorrow? I have to work, which stinks because I wish I could be going to this.

Burning Man is one of the most mind-blowing week long party/art show that this world has to offer. Toronto "Burners", as they are known, are having a picnic and magic bike ride tomorrow. It kind of a way for newbies to connect with more seasoned Torontonian Burners, who will be going to Black Rock City the Nevada desert this August... the theme this year?
Nature never made a plan, nor does it seem to copy very well. No living thing is ever quite the same as others of its kind. Charles Darwin called this Natural Variation. There is a kind of subtle chaos, a supple element of chance and change, residing at the core of living things. Our theme this year prompts three related questions: What are we as human beings, where have we come from, and how may we adapt to meet an ever-changing world?

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