Monday, July 20, 2009

Reading Round-Up

There were a few articles that I read this week that really struck me a rad, and I would like to share!

1. First of all, Andrew Sardone does an amazing job at reporting on a Toronto store I really need to visit, the Independent Designers Outlet. Support your local scene! :)

2. One of my favorite journalists Leah McLearen dissects Cheap Culture... That 99 cent lipstick may cost you your future. A great read for anyone trying to curb their consumerism- maybe a goal kick-started because of this garbage strike.
"The culture of cheap has driven down wages (by outsourcing manufacturing and ushering in an era of big-box mega-chains), driven up personal debt (by tricking us into spending more on scads of cheap stuff and less on carefully chosen quality) and created the globalized economy in which underpaid developing-world labour churns out disposable merchandise for the bargain-hungry West." -L. McLearen
3. Finally, the Toronto Star tipped me off to The Uniform Project. The beautiful Sheena Matheiken has vowed to wear one dress for a whole year. (Well, 7 identical dresses- one for each day.) The project is an exercise in sustainable fashion, and in my opinion a true exercise of what style really is about. She is using this project as a year long fundraiser for the Akanksha Foundation. I love the quote:
"I was looking for a way to raise funds while engaging in visual medium."

Way to enforce awesome...


Anonymous said...

Leah McLaren has to be one of the city's worst journalists. She's a self absorbed spoiled rich girl who's adored by other spoiled rich girls. I'm embarrassed for you.

Casie Stewart said...

LOVE the Uniform Project. Came across your blog today. Cool stuff.

Meg said...

I'm embarrassed that you don't have the balls to post your name.

Anonymous bashing is so lame, so is calling someone spoiled and rich without backing it up. I like WHAT she writes about, WHAT do you do Anonymous?

Please do something constructive with your own time instead of insulting others!