Sunday, July 5, 2009

Zombie Voodoo Spells with Micki Pellerano

So, before the internet existed people had to do something to keep themselves occupied. For the past 2000 years people have just watched television or gone to church but before that there was a whole bunch of weird shit that we don't do anymore. Hunting rituals, black masses, masonic temple initiation rites and zombie voodoo spells.

People don't do too many black masses anymore for a lot of reasons - mostly because the internet is alot safer. For a while you'd get burned at the stake for trying them, but a guy named Micki Pellerano from New York is bringing them back. He's a performance artist/amazing draughstsman/filmmaker who went to the NYU Tisch School's Experimental Theater Wing, and studied Mystical and Esoteric writing.

... but pictures of his art show a guy who is totally, totally out of control and into "blood, semen, scarification, nitrous oxide and ecstatic dance".
Can you say hoo-leeee shiiit???

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