Monday, August 10, 2009

BFF 2008... glorious, messy, fun.

BFF 2008.  Kind of a blur...   I remember helping hang the artwork on the first day of the festival at Studio Gallery with Brendt.  He talked about some of the artwork at the Joyride show really  well.  One thing that caught my attention was the photography...  it was shot on film, in New York, of bike messengers in the eighties.   It had a really gritty quality to it.  He talked about messengers tagging all over the city while they made deliveries.  One guy writing TAKI 183 all over Washington Heights and Manhattan had an article written about him in the New York Times in 1971 and graffiti blew up after that.  It was great because he knew alot of the people in the show, so it had a personal quality to it even though the work was mostly from New York.   There was also a really cool bike from a Michel Gondry music video.   It was one of the best art shows I've seen in Toronto.   Brendt stayed at my buddy Aubrey's place - which was upstairs from me at the time - so we hung out on the roof with him and his friend Andrew until dawn on the last night.  It was good times.  We set off fireworks and then Niamh almost fell off the roof.    I think we dropped a teapot off the roof at the end of the night.  I can't wait for this year.  Do Make Say Think are playing at the Polish Combatants Hall on the 19th, and then there's an Art Bike Party at Cartel on Queen St on the 20th.  See you there!


DoubleOhTwo said...

Hey who's the Nightshade with the Prairie Cats? She's my favourite.

Irene said...

Thanks, doubleohtwo! You're our favorite Australian ex-bike messenger, too!!!