Friday, August 21, 2009

Make Sale

Last night the Deadly Nightshades were out making party at the Drake, and next week we'll be back making sales! The Drake has been a huge supporter of Toronto artists, and as a part of their mandate to promote local talent they have been doing Make Sales every Thursday of this summer. Basically, local designers have been setting up shop in the Sky Yard and hawking their wares at the investment bankers and VPs of Marketing that frequent the establishment. It's awesome because designers get much needed financial support, and the 905ers get exposed to things they can't get at Yorkdale Mall.

Like fashion shows, the best go last, and we are closing the summer of artist love next Thursday! (August 27th, 2009) Come and get our Fall 2009 collection, buy some prints, watch projections, drink some beers with us and we'll show you how to party like a Nightshade. But DON'T dance on the furniture, last night we were very firmly told that this is a policy the Drake enforces. Like how they enforce awesome!

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