Sunday, August 30, 2009

Old Soul Vintage Clothing Sale

69 Vintage are hosting a giant vintage sale on Sept 12th for 69 Vintage, Silver Falls, Badlands, Take Your Clothes off, Foxy Boutique, Stella Luna, Huxley General and tonnes more... Vintage is totally, 100% sustainable and the Deadly Nightshades love it. It's happening at the Canadian Corps Headquarters at Niagara and King (201 Niagara) from noon til eleven pm. Bingo is happening at six, talent show at 8pm. See you there!!!

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~MegO! said...

Well, for hardcore sustainable nerds vintage isn't 100% sustainable. Because then where does the vintage go when it's worn up? To the dump? How is your vintage sorted and transported? How well are pickers paid and are they working in safe working conditions? The vintage clothing could have toxic chems in it that leach into your skin because it's a big absorbing organ... and then vintage comes from the excess of an over saturated consumption society. And you need that to create vintage.

Anyway. Vintage is 100% better than shopping at the f***ing Eaton's Center. Way better for style too. And for the wallet. Which the Deadly Nightshades totally support.