Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Bike Camp T.O.

The amazing people behind the Toronto Cyclist Union are going to run a "bike camp" on the 17th of October! The way they describe it is:
"It's essentially a series of simultaneous participant led/generated workshops - all related to various aspects of cycling, and the politics of cycling advocacy. BikeCamp is an opportunity for bike union members, would be members, and the wider cycling advocacy community, to come together and jam on a variety of ideas, campaigns, events. The possibilities are endless, so if you are an avid cyclist with an interest in helping continue to grow and shape the momentum of this community, this event is not to be missed."
If you want to get involved in something rad and put in your thoughts on how you want to see your community run, go sign up now! Municipal and local politics are often brushed over by large, more flashy federal or global politics. I remember when in this fair city people were debating Hillary vs. Obama but didn't know their local MP. Blah, that's bad politics to me. Democracy was built on city states and small governments, get involved on the local level and you can actually see some change.

Any-hoo... the event is taking place at the Center for Social Innovation, one of the raddest progressive organizations in Toronto as far as I am concerned. CSI is located in the ecotastic Robertson Building on Spadina. It has a green roof and and living wall. It also has the very beautiful Darkhorse Coffee shop there... I vote it best americano in the city. (I also vote it best coffee shop for scoping out cute,conscientious, design-oriented men. ;)


BIG RED said...

Is this a secret message from afar telling us you want DNS to attend? I think it's doable...

janet said...

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