Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Dandy Horse Photos!

The Dandy Horse launch was a success! If ya'll haven't gotten out to a store to get yours- do it! Featured in the 3rd edition of Dandy Horse the Deadly Nightshades have an article about how to start your own bike gang! Good luck!

Here are some photos by Toronto Cyclists Union and P.S. Kensington femme fetal Yvonne Bambric. She is pictured above with the lovely Big Red!
The ever so beautiful Sunny D's (in the white hat above) song "Leave a little Room on the Right for Me" graces the back cover this time. I called how awesome that song was last year.
Janet the Bike Girl donated a stencil of Benny Zenga because she and he are amazing. Janet was as beautiful as ever and bought some DNS gear to bike safely in style with. He couldn't be there as he is off on an adventure. Of course.
Our clothes! Ain't they purdy!
Tribute gang leader Tofu of the defunct Friendly Lampshades and friend.

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