Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Feirce Bambi style and MegO's TTFN...

Photo by Mzungu.

This may actually sum up what is amazing about Toronto. I love my city, but next week I am leaving it to pursue my Olympic dream out in Whistler! I'm no athlete, but I'm going to go out there and get a job making the Olympics more sustainable. Not to mention joining Namtron so DNS takes over the West Coast! I'm totally going to take up mountain biking in heels... after living and biking in Chinatown for 3 years downhill biking isn't as scary as it once seemed when I lived out there when I was 17. Downhill at full speed on a huge mountain? Whatever. Rocks can't door you. I'm going to be all: "Oh, hey Mr Boulder and Pine Tree, excuse me while I bike around you as you stand still."

I digress- it's going to be hard for me- Toronto is a world class city that fosters art, biking and sustainability... 3 things I look for in a city. I love my city, my friends here are my heart and life, I love my industry and trust me, I'm going to be right back.

Come out on Saturday to have a final dance with me this year! )Also, bring some cash and buy our Fall 2009 line! :)

And if you are in Whistler this season, drop me a line... I just got a nice big house with a pull out couch. xoxo

p.s. If anyone wants to get me a going away present! I'm moving to a temperate rain forest after all...

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laura! said...

BYE MEGO! we'll miss you!!!