Wednesday, November 11, 2009

It's Calendar Time!

What are you doing on the 13th? Want to have fun, contribute to society (after you've taken so much...) and organize your life for 2010? Well, I have two events for you. AND, I'm doing it bi-coastal styles.

If you are in the beautiful city of Toronto, you need to stop by the Circa show room (174 Spadina Ave, 1st Floor, Ste #103) for YARDFOLK calendar release party. Spearheaded by the rad designers at Squab, who brought together thirteen artists to create original portraits of our feathered, furry (and sometimes slimy) neighbours for charity. Proceeds from the calendar will go towards the emerging artists and Earthroots, a registered charity that assists in many environmental initiatives in Ontario. So you can "FEEL GOOD DOING THE CHARITY DANCE".
Facebook linky thingy here.

Squab is close to my seafoam coloured heart. Tammy Yui, one of the talented minds behind Squab, was the graphic designer for the Toronto Wildlife Show, where I met my fellow 'shades. We then did LEAP! A Design Challenge, a sustainable design competition we got to showcase at L'Oreal Fashion Week. Then we worked together again for Flourish at the first Green Living Show. It was a sustainably fashionable experience that had Fierce Bambi and Canibal Vixen showcasing their fantastic works on the same stage that David Susuki and Al Gore were on. Tammy is one of the most talented and hard working GD's I have, or will ever meet.

If you are in the beautiful city of Vancouver, then you have the The Prohab Helmet Society and DAMAGED GOODS presenting the 2010 Prohab Ladies Bike Calendar Release Celebration!!! This calendar collaboration of local artists and photographers, featuring active, cyclist women in Vancouver riding and posing with their bikes. Facebook linky thingy here.

Who are these prohab people you may ask? Well, "The Prohab Helmet Society is a non profit incorporation dedicated to promoting and providing helmets to cyclists who are not wearing them. We encourage safety and strive to break down image barriers associated with the use of bike helmets and protective gear We love fun, and being safe while having it."

So they enforce awesome, and make me want to wear a helmet. I like. Next year I hope they ask a few of us 'Shades to model, as it falls in alignment with our policy that there can never be enough photos taken of us.
I'm buying both- you need a personal calendar and a house one for organization in all aspects of life. True story.


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