Thursday, April 15, 2010

WOAH bike fees?

So although I am on the west coast, I have been very interested in the electoral stuff going on in the municipality of Toronto. I like municipal politics, they are much easier to participate in/see results. Not only that strong cities make strong countries. Back when I was a kid in Cabbage Town (before the yuppie parade moved in...), my mom was in a brunch club of sorts and so was Barbara Hall. So maybe it was me listening to local talk over scrambled eggs and juice that made me into the politico I am today.

There is hot debate on city infrastructure, and it is being focused on bike lanes. On his facebook Dave Meslin posted this great article "Bike fees: Misinformed, misguided and a step backwards for Toronto." He starts off by quoting this article in the Toronto Star "Bike lanes divide mayoral candidates" by Robyn Doolittle. Meslin, using straight up facts de-bunks some theories on rich, suburban car-owner vs. downtown poor biker. The bi-line is "Conflicting views emblematic of divide between right and left". Are they really? Or are politicians just making up lines so we can stand on sides? The bi-line got me thinking about one of my favourite TED Talks, "The Real Difference Between Liberals and Conservatives", and dives into the moral matrix behind this divide.

My favorite quote by Jonathan Haidt: "This tribal mentality is so deeply pleasurable, that even when we don't have tribes, we go ahead and make them." Or in our case we make a bicycle gang.

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