Monday, July 26, 2010

celeste aka seafoam, get it together bianchi

So, I've been holding out on you guys, sitting on this vintage ad gem for awhiles now. My apologies.

Dear Bianchi,

"Ugly"??!! What the fuck is that? There is no colour that is so beautiful, fun-loving, soothing, regal, and sublime as our beloved seafoam. Reading this I felt a little betrayed. As though my faithful bicycle had a secret life I never knew about. You don't WANT to be seafoam? You didn't choose this colour for yourself? You are unhappy being seafoam? Oh little bike, it's going to be okay, I will show you how magnificent you really are, by posting photos of seafoam things in the world.

I need your help nightshades! Please send me seafoam, whatever you got. PLEASE!!!


laura! said...

BAHAHAHA. (i miss you).

Irene said...

Grrr.... this makes me angry at Bianchi, but also makes me laugh at the same time. Who knew seafoam was so controversial??!?