Wednesday, August 4, 2010

License to Ride??! No Thanks!


I'm still not 100% sure why cycling has become such a hot topic in Toronto. It's as though cyclists are an easy target that mayoral candidates like to pick on just for the sake of having a platform. How can something so simple, so healthy, environmentally friendly and so totally harmless be so controversial? It's a bike, people. It's not a two tonne killing machine that spews carbon dioxide and leaks oil all over the place. And now the Star has published an article calling for a $200 Bicycle Licencing Fee??? Of course, it's suspicious that it's written by Robert Kirsic who just happens to be employed by the Ontario Motor Vehicle Industry Council - a private association which regulates car dealerships. It also happens to be the first regulated business sector to move to self-management. No wonder they have a vested interest in making it more difficult for people to bike to work.

A bicycle fee doesn't make sense to me. The only reason people need a licence to drive is that they can kill people with their car. It's not like you need a license to be a pedestrian, right? And what about skateboards, rollerblades, unicycles, and all of the other creative, environmentally friendly forms of transportation that people use? Do they want a rollerblading tax in effect as well? As well, I noticed that other cities don't charge nearly as much for a bike licence. The only reason Robert Kirsic would want to charge $200~ for a bicycle licence is so that The Motor Vehicle Council could profit from it. I think that's unfair, and I hope that our mayoral candidates think so too.

Joe Pantalone is starting to look like the only candidate who will stick up for bike lanes and a Bike-License free Toronto

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