Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Step One - Find Cardboard Tubes. Step Three - Take Over the World.

At the sewing lab, sometime last week. Laura and Irene are finishing their respective sewing projects.

Irene: The hardest part about ------ ---- is gonna be finding the cardboard tubes. The rest is gonna roll out just fine. They're the wild card, though. If we can't find them, the whole thing is off.
Laura: True. The wool definitely won't be a problem.
Irene: Maybe can go down to fabric shops on Queen W. and ask if anybody has them?
Laura: That might take forever!

Later that night, walking home from the sewing studio. (It was snowing hard or we would have been biking)

Irene: So then I said "No, the gold spandex can't be sewn up with...
Laura: Hey what's that in the garbage?
Irene: Why are you going through someone's garba - HOLY CRAP!!! YOU'RE A GENIUS!!!

And that's the story of how Laura and Irene found the missing piece of the ------ ---- in less than 2 hours. Sometimes, when you're doing something as awesome as the ------ ----, the pieces of the puzzle just come together for you. Did I mention there was no conductor at the subway station, so we just walked right in? Amazing.
Stay tuned to find out what else we're going to need to make the ------ ----!

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Snow White said...

AHHHHHHHH! SO GOOD. Lets do this bad thang!