Friday, January 7, 2011



Last week, we had our annual DNS slumber party. Past years have involved initiating new Nightshades, or just Kevin Bacon. But this year was set apart by tiny seafoam hats sewn by Namtron & Meg-O, and amazing golden polo mallets Big Red threw together over the holidays for everyone. Watch out welcome wednesdays.

Despite an delerious en masse drive to the airport at 5 am (so Niamh could catch her flight back to Vancouver), it was nice to have mostly everyone together. Meg, being the great sport that she is, even hung out on skype for a good two hours.

... and apparently everyone unintentionally wore matching socks. Not that we're into matching or anything.


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smemily said...

BLARG!!!! I have the same socks! And the same need for gold polo mallets!