Friday, February 18, 2011

EastVan Takes Bike Polo VERY SERIOUSLY


I live in EastVan, a neighbourhood that could be the equivalent to Parkdale for all you Torontonians. EastVan is hardcore, known for general sketchiness and drugs. Like Parkdale, it's where all the cool, young not-so-rich peeps congregate to live together in 1950's rambling houses, practice yoga, make 'zines, talk global politics, work in cafes, have massive yard gardens, home-brew, form bike collectives, learn how to clown, bake vegan and do other fun things with your own two hands. It's kinda like like the 90's according to Portlandia.

Rawbie Boards is probably one of the most interesting/lovable characters I have met so far, and is a big part of the EastVan bike polo scene. He now has in own show. Check it out to see why I think this about Mr. Boards, who constantly makes fun of my pretty new bike.

On a cool note, EastVan is going to be the first community in THE WORLD to have it's own Bike Polo specific court!

Rad, eh? Welcome to EastVan.

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smemily said...

that's ridiculous. i said it. and i love polo.