Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Dave Meslin enforces awesome

Deadly Nightshade Mantra: ENFORCE AWESOME

I don't know where I first met Dave Meslin. I think it may have been around the time he helped start up the Toronto Bike Union, Spacing Magazine or Dandyhorse Magazine. All I know is that I am really happy when I see him and tend to learn a lot from our hang-outs, although since I've moved to Vancouver it's more FB wall chats. Dave is a smart individual whose main goal in life is to be genuine and proactive in his environment. He is a bundle of energy and Toronto is lucky to have him.

Today his TEDxToronto video was featured on Ted's homepage and social media feed. Congrats Dave! You rock, and while our City Hall has been slow at picking this up, now the world knows it. xoxo

Read more from Dave's Brain at his blog: The Mez Dispenser.

And if you didn't know, I am a huge TED fan. Got hooked on it in 2006, around the time I started working on the Toronto Wildlife Show at Ryerson University, which is the show that introduced me to kNodresscode, which comprised of my now beloved Nightshade sisters. During the Olympics I got to write a blog for TEDxWhistler about sustainable tourism for 20-somethings. Last fall I got to go to TEDxVancouver and see some great speakers and hang with the boys from Humans who played the after show. (They are featured in the Bike Fabric Video and their song "WAKE UP" is the trailer song.) Her is a gratuitous shot of me DNSing and my Chrome bag. I may have been the only person to bike all the way out there, which was a bit disappointing but only proves how hardcore awesome us Nightshades are. xoxoxo


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