Monday, May 16, 2011


So I'm always really interested by our blog's analytics! It's always really neat to see where people are hearing about us from, and what countries we're being visited by.

But my favourite, is that the most commonly googled phrase (second to "deadly nighshades") that leads to us is "spandex party" (appropriate) and our top post for ALL TIME (four years) is this. People sure love their spandex and cat pictures (Nightshades included - Irene has an entire wall in her house dedicated to cat art, vintage feline-themed wallpaper and all).

So, in a news update to please the masses:
1: NEW KITTENS ARE THE BEST! (although I'm officially getting no work done at home anymore). I'm usually a hardcore dog person, but this little guy is promptly winning me over.

2. (although not spandex or cat related - tricked!) As well as our short film being premiered in New York this June, the Fabric Bike itself is going to be unveiled as a part of BFF NYC's JOYRIDE art exhibit. So you should probably come to New York, check out some art, check out some films, and say hey!

Bonus points if you're wearing spandex, or have a kitten for me to hold...

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Irene said...

You finally did it!!!