Thursday, August 11, 2011


Riding with headphones in, is a dangerous, but extremely guilty pleasure of mine. There's nothing like finding that perfect track to glide around your city to - so for me, biking and good music sort of go hand in hand.

Needless to say we're all super pumped for BIKES ROCK! at the Legendary Horsehoe Tavern tonight! I do love me some good pop & tiny ukeleles! So come see these awesome bands:

SPIN by Evalyn Perry

Doors at 8:30pm TONIGHT!
Tickets $12

And if it's half as amazing as last night was - BFF TO is off to a fantastic start! The panel discussion was wonderful & inspiring. It's so nice to remind yourself in the midst of a negative political climate around cycling in Toronto at the moment, that there are so many people who can think independently, and present themselves eloquently. That, we as the cycling community, can rally, and think, and coduct ourselves positively. (And, a huge thanks to Dave Meslin for unexpectedly using us as an example for positive action - I have a serious brain crush on that man.)

Also, the artwork & bikes are phemoninal, and if you didn't make it out yesterday, the show is hanging til Sunday August 14th at The Gladstone Hotel.

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