Wednesday, December 14, 2011

#EPIC #FAIL- Canada pulls out of Kyoto

If you haven't seen this amazing animation of the Canadian Parliament swiming in oil money, and giving the head of the UN the finger, you need to watch this!

Mr. Stephen Harper, might I remind you that Christmas is just around the corner, and you've been very naughty so just you wait you'll get a lump of... coal. Which is probably what you want, you dirty energy bastard.

To the rest of the world, like most governments, our current administration doesn't really represent us. They make tons of cash risking our future, then turn around and wonder why our generation is choosing to protest, riot, and occupy? But then again, if our generation and political leanings are so smart, then how are we letting them get away with this? Are we the ones who are epically failing?

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