Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Your Present & Future Self

Happy 2012!

It's resolution time, and while DNS has been gathering we've all been talking about next year and what we plan on doing. Some of our resolutions involve laughing less while telling jokes, using less exclamation points in emails, blinding less people with the dazzling brilliance of DNS and getting more into yoga. Some of us make resolutions everyday to live by.

So when I found this video today I thought I should share. TED talks like this can be long, so it's a good video to watch whilst cleaning, editing photos or some jazz like that. Listening to TED talks instead of watching Sailor Moon re-runs is an awesome resolution for your brain. (Meg resolution 2010.)

I feel that this talk and it's concepts really relates to environmentalism and how we view the space in which we all live. Sustainability can be defined as "meeting the needs of the present without compromising the needs of the future." So, looking at the modern trend attitudes towards ourselves and living in the present at the cost of our future (overspending, over eating, binge drinking, fast fashion, toxic chemical products, etc), we can see common trends on how society is treating our world as a whole. Are we sacrificing our future happiness and needs so we can be happy today? Does our consumption even make us "happy" and if not why do we do it? Do we really need all those products and chemicals and toxins to be satisfied if it's being proven it's going to kill our future selves? Could our society be rationalizing what feels comfortable to can keep the status quo? How are we defining our happiness for our future selves?

Those are a lot of questions, but it seems like a good enough time of year to think them. It will kick start your brain after all the feasting and festivals of the holidaze.

I hope we can all make a resolution to work for the best future for our future selves, so we can help shift society's attitude towards the future world.

Happy New Year everybody!!! Let's make 2012 the best yet.

Love, Love, Love...

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