Monday, February 13, 2012

Deadly DIY - Sew Your Own Tights!


We need to talk. Okay. So, you know how that Australian company Black Milk sells their bodysuits for like, $90~ a pair and they sell out in like, 10 minutes? And then they sell on ebay later for around $400? (Or if it's the R2D2 bodysuit, $4000?)

Okay well that's just stupid. For serious. Anyone who knows how to use a serger will tell you that is WAY more than a bodysuit should cost. Fabric - even spandex - doesn't cost more than $25~/y. And a bodysuit probably uses about 1/2y of fabric. So that's about $12.50 worth of fabric. Doesn't it just make sense to learn how to use a serger and make them your self? Serger Basics is starting this Sunday. Come make your own tights. Email themakeden@hotmail.com to register.

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These are such stunning pictures!