Monday, March 19, 2012

#MadeVisible- Women, Children & Poverty in America

This is a great video panel discussion on women in finance. There is a specific focus on American politics, as you may have guessed from the tittle. This means I don't think I understand all the nuances of the speakers and their messages in context with the current political atmosphere. Regardless, I think anyone who is interested in our economy and getting the world on track to a sustainable economy should watch this.


What I can't believe is Sherily WuDunn supporting sweat shop work in getting women out of poverty. Leaving your traditional ways of life to be a slave-wage for multinational corporations who in turn ruin natural resources and ways of life with pollution is not a good way out of poverty. It's not a good economic model to thank and give credit to. It's like tipping a rapist.

There also isn't much talk of other alternatives to traditional jobs that don't bring in "paychecks"; like home sewing, urban gardening, and other arts and crafts products and services.

What is also left out of the equation is the issue of feminism and environmentalism. This surprised me. Gender inequality hurts our national resources too. "Ecofeminism" is a serious link in the out-of-poverty chain.

In entirety , the speakers and lines of dialogue, along with the stories and advice shared created a truly informative and inspiring looking into the roles of women in getting the world out of poverty.

Thank you Travis Smiley for putting on such wonderful 2 hours of enlightening discussion.

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