Thursday, December 13, 2012

Murder of Couriers

Another courier movie you say?

Murder of Couriers is beautifully shot Doc by Tom MacLeod. It's been in production for a few years, and there was some flak about when it would actually come out... I think I had been asking that of Tom for at least two years.

Well it's here. I went to the premier in Vancouver. In a nutshell, It's a great movie, you should see it. I'm biased, there are some Vancouver characters in there that I adore, like Newf and Ottawa, but besides following some great characters it's an impressively shot piece of photographic imagery. Vancouver is an incredibly beautiful city, which makes the riding of the bikes that much more of a joy. The treatment and showcasing of the city of Vancouver, along with a incredibly honest story telling makes this doc stand out. It captures a golden area of sorts in the bike scene from what I am told, something I may have just missed when I was getting to know everyone in early 2011. Nuts.

In short- watch the movie when it comes to your town in whatever various film festival.

On another note- HEY- bike world. Yeah you. Someone out there needs to give Patrick his own show/podcast/column/something. Serious. The man makes you develop abs with the laughing, and he can like bike backwards in circles for hours.

On a same thread, a HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to Jamie Cooper (Original Three Inches of Blood singer in the 2nd trailer, co-owner of Superchampion) for welcoming a wee one into the world this week! LOVE!  

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