Thursday, June 26, 2008


We watched alot of movies during the BFF. There isn't space to review them all here, but this one was %10, 000 awesome. Our friend Frank said that he liked it so much that he was gripping his girlfriend Pattie's hand really hard the whole time we were watching it. It's a detailed video about a "fully weaponized waffle making bicycle". The bike was originally part of an art exhibit in NY at Sperone Westwater Gallery by an artist named Tom Sachs. Sachs is apparently a favorite with crowds evidenced by the fact that the waffle bike sold for a cool half million, and the video was obviously a hit with the crowd in TO as well.
The deadpan narrator lists the bike components in excruciating detail - components which include a sawed off shotgun, a cage for a chicken to lay fresh eggs in, a functioning mini-fridge and a shelf housing cooking ingredients like whipped cream and a jar of lingonberry jam. It would be really nice to be able to bike and cook waffles at the same time, and Tom Sachs is the man who made it happen. Thank you, Tom Sachs!!!
Oh yeah, his other work is great too - he's responsible for the Prada Death Camp
and the Chanel Guillotine. Copyright violations aside, Sachs obviously likes to stir the pot and I respect that.

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naamers said...

wow! this guy is really fantastic!! I feel like he really understands the fashion industry, proof that no degree is required.