Friday, June 27, 2008


Members Big Red and Fierce Bambi alongside photographer John Lee, were found at BIG ON BLOOR on Saturday and featured in eye weekly.

We took the day to kick it with amazing people and soaked in the friendly vibes in Bloor West. Saporro in hand, we set out to find the Guilded Pather's layer and help sell some ethical products! Then we lugged them just down the street to Freedom Clothing, 939 Bloor Street West, where you can now find them on sale! ( cause you know you want'em!) Chilling out in the store with collective member, Daphne Mohajer, made me realize how supportive Toronto can be to new artists and designers. Street festivals like this one really help support the neighborhoods and give a sense of community. Lets make more streets without cars!! Now, after that touching thought of the day, i would like to add we then enjoyed a bottle of Spumante Bambino to celebrate (good job Mzungu!), which spiraled the rest of the night into most appropriate Nightshade mischief and wrapped up The Bike Film Fest with a smash, literally! ( but we will save that story for another time)