Friday, June 27, 2008


That's right we are looking for a shiny, new, impressionable, young lady to join THE DEADLY NIGHTSHADES.

Why you ask? Well currently we are only 6. A lovely number for riding roller coasters, or tandem bikes, but not so good for democracy. Every time we take votes on important issues such as whether we are for or against C-Neeon's fall line, or Stephan Dion's proposed carbon tax, we come to a stalemate!! (this is just an example, actually both of those issues we are obviously for: c-neeon and Dion's carbon tax)

So what we need is 7, a nice odd number. This way we can continue to let you know what the OFFICIAL NIGHTSHADES position on things is.

If you think you have what it takes, prove it! (by buying us presents or beer)

We'll keep you posted on our recruiting process.


(photo by Rachel at Torontostreetfashion.com then messed with by yours truly...)


lisa said...

hot. i know a few good folks.

jessicaacs said...

Hey Ladies - its badass beauvegan jezibelle.....heres the plan - make another video - teaching me to be a super hero on a bike - pockets loaded with strawberry shortcake - a skirt up to here (where!?) up here!!! in heaven....lol...and a bamboo shirt down to there... (where???) for heavens sake!

A night shade should always have a pastry bag full of sweet whipped ammunition....mmmmm