Friday, July 4, 2008

Deadly Nightshades find Waldo in Ottawa

If you live in Toronto or Montreal or Vancouver you might not know this but the ONLY place to party on Canada Day is in Ottawa. There's about a million people who come to Parliment Hill to celebrate our great nation by drinking, wearing red and white and blowing stuff up.
We found a guy who had decided to dress up like Waldo and hang out on Parliment Hill to celebrate Canada and we interviewed him.
DNS: Hey Waldo, what's up?
Waldo: Not much. How come you guys are all dressed the same?
DNS: We're in an all-girl-fashion-designing-bike-gang. Did you make your hat yourself?
Waldo: Yeah. I glued three pieces of felt together to make the band. People keep trying to steal it though.
(At this point our massive friend Ryan picks Waldo up like a girl and bites his nipple)
DNS: Are you okay?
Waldo: I think so. I'm not sure.
DNS: Ryan's kind of a jerk. We're really sorry. Here's our phone number if you wanna hang out later.

Follow up: Waldo called us the next night and met us at Irene's Bar in the Glebe with us to watch our buddy Trevor play. Then he came with us and we blew some stuff up. Thanks Waldo! Happy Canada Day!